The Stress Our Children Feel

In our recent podcasts, Dr. Berney and I have been discussing three factors–stress, diet, and sleep, that influence our children’s physical and emotional well-being.  In the podcast we recorded yesterday, we discussed the important role that stress, diet, and sleep contribute to our children’s physical and mental well-being. As child specialists we are especially concerned about the amount  and types of stress children experience today. As I was looking through today’s email posts, I discovered a wonderful series of articles devoted to kids and stress from webmd. If you click on this address you will see the link to the article.  Also, take a few minutes to listen to our last two or three podcasts as they focus on the same topics.


Podcast 21: Mental Health: Treating Anxiety

Anxiety is a very common psychological state. In this podcast, Drs. Berney and Richard start by differentiating the terms worry, stress, and anxiety. They then move in to talk about how anxiety is treated and why it is important to seek support from a professional when struggling with uncontrolled worries.

The treatment of Anxiety is a three pronged approach. First we must “Stop the Panic.” This first component helps relieve acute anxiety responses so that we can function and make better decisions. The second prong is to restore serotonin levels in the body. As Dr. Berney and Dr. Richard explain, serotonin is depleted when we are under long term stress and anxiety. The purpose of this component is to boost serotonin so that you can better regulate your mood and response to environmental stimuli. The final component is therapy to reduce anticipatory anxiety. Anticipation is a major part of anxiety. All of the “what ifs” result in a tendency to catastrophize. Therapy can help minimize the impact of these automatic thoughts and reorient you to a healthier way of thinking.

This podcast was edited by Mr. Andrew Rasmussen.

New Workshop Coming: From Normal Worry to Impairing Anxiety

Get ready for our next workshop!

From Normal Worry to Impairing Anxiety

Worry is a normal human function, evolved over time to keep us safe and alive. In healthy individuals, worry keeps us focused, attentive, and motivated to perform at an optimal level. However, there are times when our worries become intrusive and impairing. At these times, our worries do not help us perform. Instead, they interfere with our ability to problems solve and think critically. We are no longer able to function normally or make healthy decisions. As parents, teachers, and mental health professionals we must be able to demarcate the line between normal worry and a debilitating form of anxiety.

Date: Friday September 18, 2015
Registration: opens at 7:30 am
Workshop: 8:00 – 11:00
Location: Florida Industrial and Phosphate Research Institute
(1855 West Main Street, Bartow, FL 33830)
Presenters: Berney J Wilkinson, Ph.D.
Richard M. Marshall, Ph.D.
Cost: $25 individual, $40 couples, $30 CEUs (LMHC, LMFC, LCSW)

Contact: For more information,

Register online at
Anxiety Workshop 9.18.15 Cover

View from the Tilehurst End

What a great read!! Whether an athlete is a footballer (soccer player), a gymnast, or a baseball player, he/she is just as susceptible to mental health problems as anyone else. The author of this article, though talking primarily about football (soccer), writes truthfully and directly about the stigma of Mental Health issues and the importance of understanding and awareness!! Give it a read!!

Read the article here: