Episode 26: Tech Time!

As psychologists, we are often asked about kids’ use of technology. How much is too much? How long should I allow my child to play video games?

In this podcast, Drs. Berney and Richard discuss the 168 Hour Solution. Listeners will learn how to use this simple rule to structure and schedule their child’s day and ensure that the child is not spending too much time plugged in.

Drs. Berney and Richard also explain how the 168 Hour Solution can be used to ensure that your child’s responsibilities are met before they start using electronics. As mentioned in The Urge to Punish, structuring your child’s life and dealing with the antecedents (as opposed to focusing on consequences) will help you and your child better appreciate how much time they have available for video games. That’s right… We should shift the question from “How much time should my child play video games” to “How much time do they have available to play video games?”

It is important to remember that all electronics are not created equal. Online gaming is different than TV which is different than social media. You have to know your child so that you can decide the best way to manage these electronics!