Paedeia Episode 5: Sound Aspirations, Impossible Implementation

In Episode 3: History of School Reform, Dr. Berney and Dr. Richard reviewed how school reform has evolved over time. In that podcast, they discussed our current school reform mission and how it has shaped education as we know it today.

There have been three primary missions derived from our current school reform movement: Accountability, School Choice, and Standards Based Curriculum.  Continue reading Paedeia Episode 5: Sound Aspirations, Impossible Implementation

Psychology Today: Students’ Emotional Fragility

Students are emotionally fragile.

Here is the most recent article from Dr. Peter Gray covering the phenomenon of heightened emotional fragility in college students.

There is no doubt that students are experiencing more pressure today than in the past. As you have heard on many of our podcasts and read in our columns, the climate of our current education system, from kindergarten through college, is fostering stress, emphasizing compliance, and restricting exploration. Students have been trained to believe that the only thing that is important is a high grade. The process of learning has changed.

Continue reading Psychology Today: Students’ Emotional Fragility

TMB Episode 33: Happy Holidays

While the holidays can bring a lot of joy and happiness, it can also bring stress and frustration. When we wish someone a “Happy Holiday” – whether it is a Happy Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas, or a Happy Chanukah – we tend to focus on the holiday specifically. That is, the Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Chanukah component of the greeting. Seldom do we focus on the well wishes for happiness.

What does it mean to be happy? What can you do to make your holidays, and every other day of your life happy?

In this podcast, Dr. Berney and Dr. Richard talk about what it means to be happy by reviewing the three components of happiness, and conversely, unhappiness.

  • Places you go
  • People you interact with
  • Activities you do

If you can find a way to align these three things with your overall goals in life, you will find happiness. Listen to this podcast and find out how you can use these principles to have a truly happy holiday and happy life.

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