The Ledger Article 4.25.15

In my column this week, I wrote about something very personal. In fact, this column was a Facebook post I wrote last week following the passing of my father. I received a lot of comments and personal messages about the post; people noting that it helped them process a death in their own family or that it represented some of their own relationships. As such, and with some encouragement, I took that Facebook post and published it for my print readers in The Ledger.

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Fascinating Article about the relationship between coercion and mental illness

This article from Films For Action is a great read!! Just yesterday I was looking at a previous blog I started, but never finished, about the effects of media and advertisements on our decisions and the apparent fearmongering that seems to infiltrate our election process and day to day decision making. As I have written before, I certainly believe there is a relationship between diet and mental health. However, environmental stress, like coercion,is definitely another source of stress and emotional toxicity. 

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Episode 05: Most Children Left Behind

In this week’s episode, Drs. Berney and Richard expand their discussion on the impact of school reform as we know it today. Emphasis is focused on the impact that the current school climate has on students and teachers. We hope that you enjoy this episode and would love to hear from you on our Facebook page or on Twitter (@drberney).

This week’s episode was edited and produced by Andrew Rasmussen.

Ledger Column 4.18.15 – Florida Law Reduces Testing

In this week’s column I wrote about the new Florida law “reducing” high stakes testing. I am very suspicious of this law, but we will see what happens. I also talked about the number of academic engaged time wasted because of high stakes testing. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this column, as well as our podcasts, which can be found on iTunes and at The name of the podcast, of course, is The Mental Breakdown. 

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