Medical Daily article on Teenage Marijuana Use

Legalization of marijuana is a very hot topic these days. With several states legalizing medical marijuana and some decriminalizing the use of the substance, a lot of research is being published about its long term effects. While there are many sides to the debate, it is clear that no one is suggesting that teenagers be allowed to recreationally smoke marijuana (note that some states approve the medical use of marijuana in children). Nonetheless, teenage marijuana use, like teenage alcohol use, is an important factor to consider in research and human development. This article explores one research group’s findings as it relates to the use of marijuana in teenagers.

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Podcast Episode 10: Education: Giving Zeros

As used in schools today, a zero indicates that a student does not deserve any credit.  While teachers and parents justify and defend their use, zeros rarely serve the purposes intended. In this episode of The Mental Breakdown, Drs. Berney and Richard discuss the most common reasons teachers assign zeros, the fallacies associated with those zeros, and the true effects that they have on student motivation and performance. Drs. Berney and Richard then offer several alternatives to zeros that provide teachers and school administrators with more useful and more effective ways of evaluating student performance.

This episode was edited by Mr. Andrew Rasmussen.

Psychology Today article on ADHD in France

This is an interesting article detailing some of the differences between ADHD prevalence rates in the US and in France. This is a great precursor to our next podcast, which we will be recording this Friday.

Let us know what you think about this issue.

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NY Times blog – Don’t Choke!

We have all heard of choking under pressure. This blog post from the NY Times reviews a recent study where researchers looked at this common phenomenon. So, what type of person are you? Do you play to win or do you play not to lose?

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